Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Time Keeper

     Time has always been my enemy.
     As a child time seemed to take forever...holidays to come back around...being old enough to do everything I ever wanted...
     As an adult, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything that remains undone each day.  Now the years speed by and I can't believe how quickly time slips by.  As the people I love leave for the last unknown, I cry for one more moment with them.  When they were here, the time was lost running on ice, trying to finish everything that needed to be done.  
     This book changed me.
     Dor is the first man to count time.  He doesn't understand what he has done until he sees the outcome of man's obsession with time.   To pay for his sins, he is banished to a cave for six centuries and forced to hear humanities cries for more time.  Father Time is given one last chance to make amends by saving two people: a man who wants to live forever and a girl who wants to give up on life.  By saving them from themselves, he may be able to do the same for himself.

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