Sunday, November 11, 2012


     Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is an incredible book.  I learned something new on nearly every page I read.
     This book is about the snap judgments we make in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes our instant decisions protect us and help us make great decisions, even though we don't know why we feel that way.  Other times our snap decisions are completely wrong and can cause harm for others, like in a police chase.  

     Malcolm Gladwell provides insightful stories and examples to show you how our snap decisions work and how we can use this ability to help us.
    I couldn't stop talking about or thinking about this book.  This is truly a book that has changed my thinking.  It is a must read.

Kill You Last

      Kill You Last by Todd Strasser is an awesome book!  I was hooked from chapter one.  
     Shelby's dad makes a ton of money taking photos of girls who want to be models.  Life is perfect until three girls in different towns disappear mysteriously.  The only thing police can find the girls have in common is they all had pictures taken by Shelby's dad.  Shelby is desperate to clear her dad's name, but is he as innocent as she hopes?  What about these scary text messages that Shelby keeps getting that threaten to kill her?  Will she be the murderer's next victim? 
      The book has a lot of suspense.  It is an easy read with short chapters.  There are a few kissing scenes that make it more appropriate for older teens.