Friday, October 21, 2016

The Shadow Club

     Jared and Cheryl have been best friends for years.  They start "The Shadow Club" for the kids who are second best at everything and are always lost in the shadows of the other kids' glory.  The kids in the club decide to get revenge by pulling pranks on the best kids.  At first it is all in fun, but the pranks become more elaborate and dangerous.  When the club meets to discuss the trouble they are in, they discover Tyson spying on them.  The kids are willing to do whatever it takes to keep Tyson quiet.
      I love Neal Shusterman, but I didn't really like this book.  I didn't like the way the kids didn't have any real consequences for trying to kill Tyson or for the pranks they did.  I don't recommend this book, but you should definitely check out one of his other books, especially Everlost.  

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