Thursday, July 4, 2013


     Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Florence with no memory, a head wound, and a killer coming down the hall.  Sienna, one of the doctors, helps him escape and vows to help him find out the truth. Robert discovers a cylinder with a biohazard sign in his jacket.  Inside is a map of of Botticelli's Map of Hell.  The map leads them through Dante's beloved Italy on a journey through Hell.  Robert must discover the connection between Dante's Inferno and the map before he is captured and the plague is released.  Human survival hangs in the balance.
     This book was pretty good.  I liked learning about Dante, and I also liked the premise of the story.  The characters traded sides so many times, it was almost like a spoof of a crime novel.  I was impressed with Zobrist, though.  His unique way of changing humans is brilliant and also terrifying to think how terrorists could use the technology to kill everyone.  Inferno also made me think about some difficult realities like overpopulation and the end of the world.  It is not Dan Brown's best book, but it is a good book.

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