Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Nine Lessons

     August Witte never wanted to have children.  When, after seven years of marriage, his wife becomes pregnant, August reacts badly.  He tells his wife to give it up for adoption, and when she slaps him, he storms off to his father's house and accuses him of being a horrible father.  August's dad offers to trade his journal entries about his wife's death and August's childhood for a monthly golf lesson with August for the nine months of pregnancy.  August hates golf and resents its importance in his dad's life, but agrees to find out more about his mom.  Each month's golf lesson teaches August a new aspect of life and golf.
      I liked the beginning of the book and the idea of writing journal entries on the back of golf score cards.  I also liked the journal entries about little August facing his mom's death.  Some of the golf "lessons" were a bit forced, but the idea was interesting.  The only part I didn't like was the end.  The end became so unbelievably coincidental, it was almost hilarious.  It was meant to have a feel good ending, but took away from the rest of the book.


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