Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace from Broken Pieces

     Peace from Broken Pieces is Iyanla Vanzant's journey through the darkest days of her life.  Her daughter Gemmia was her best friend through all of the dark days.
     As the middle child Gemmia tried to be the perfect daughter.  She got good grades, never got in trouble and helped raise her brother and sister.
     As an adult, Gemmia continued to play her role by helping run her mother's business and becoming her best friend.  No matter how hard Gemmia tried to be perfect, her mother didn't really notice her.  After stuffing her anger for years and trying to be perfect, Gemmia died from cancer.
     Iyanla is devastated at the loss of her daughter.  After reading Gemmia's journals from the past ten years, Iyanla tries to come to terms with her role in her daughter's illness and in the lessons she passed on to her about love.  Iyanla realizes that she has unconsciously passed on the dysfunctional family dynamics that she had vowed to change for her children.  After realizing the part she played in Gemmia's death, she begins to start over and change the dynamics for her grandchildren.
     I liked this book, although it wasn't what I was expecting.  I thought it would start with her story and then move into a self-help book to help others through their broken pieces.  She did give bits and pieces of advice, but most of the book was her story.  Although I had just finished a book about the early parts of her life, I still enjoyed learning more about her current life.  I recommend this book if you like Iyanla or biographies.

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