Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Maze in the Heart of the Castle

     My friend Catherine gave me the book The Maze in the Heart of the Castle by Dorthy Gilman.  It ended up in my pile of books and finally resurfaced this week.  I am so glad it did.  This small book has become one of my all-time favorites.
   This book can be read on two levels - the story of a boy on a quest for a far-off land - or as an allegory, much like The Little Prince
     Colin is sixteen when he loses both his parents and finds himself alone in the world.  Battling his grief, he begs Brother John to explain the age old question we all eventually ask - why?
     Brother John sends him to a castle with a magical maze.  By facing the maze, Colin will find his answer.  Through Colin's adventures, he learns lessons about the human condition.
  • Sometimes the endless maze is self-imposed and we may need to climb over the obstacles to find our way out.   
  • Truth cannot be silenced. 
  • Sometimes we must fight for what is right.
  • Our mind can take us to dark places that incubate us, but we can not stay there without going mad. 
  • Love is worth having, even if the person we love betrays us. 
  • Magic and miracles come to us in our darkest moments.
  • We become what our thougts allow us to be.   
     A beautiful book that is easy to read.  Like Colin, I am a better person for taking the journey.

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